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How To Measure Barrel Diameter

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Product Specification

ITEM NAME How To Measure Barrel Diameter
Custom Made Custom Threaded Barrel End – YOUR Design
Barrel measuring tools To properly measure your barrel, you must use quality calipers or a micrometer. DO NOT use a tape measure or ruler.
Disclaimer Please note that when providing tailor-made dimensions, a ?mm measurement is considered based on the information provided by you. We want to emphasize that we cannot be held responsible for any fitting issues or looseness that may arise as a result of the dimensions provided by the customer. It is crucial to ensure accurate measurements to guarantee the desired fit. If you have any concerns or questions about sizing, please feel free to reach out to us for guidance before placing your order. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are here to assist you in making informed decisions.

Product Description

How To Measure Barrel Diameter

Threaded Barrel End Installed
How to install a threaded barrel end on a non-threaded barrel.

How to measure barrel diameter
Requires precise measurements of your barrel to ensure our custom parts properly fit. This is ONLY for custom work. Any standard order does not need any measurement If you provide incorrect or fractional measurements, your adapter may not fit correctly. To re-machine your part, a $20 fee will be assessed, which includes shipping the fixed part back to you. Barrels without a front sight
We need three measurements for barrels without a front sight:
Measure the barrel diameter at the front.
Measure the barrel diameter 1 inch back from the front.
Barrels with a front sight
We need five measurements for barrels with a front sight:
Measure the barrel diameter at the front.
Measure the barrel diameter 1 inch back from the front.
Measure the width of the front sight at its widest.
Measure the step from the front of the barrel to the front of the sight.

Product Description
Now you can mount any size end-of-barrel accessory on your barrel non-threaded barrel—including front brakes, sound Reduction Device  with this high-quality barrel thread adapter.

This Aluminium barrel thread adapter easily attaches to the factory-finished plain front using two set screws. You can install it yourself in seconds and can be removed just as quickly.

Based on precise measurements of your barrel at the front and 1 inch back—which you provide after ordering—we can custom machine this barrel thread adapter to match your barrel’s diameter.

Thread Adapter Features and Benefits
Custom diameter to fit barrels from 12mm up to 30mm O.D.
Threads: 1/2″-20 TPI
Thread Length: 16mm
Bore Depth: 23 mm
Custom-machined to fit your non-threaded barrel.
Slip-on design is held in place with two set screws that remain flush when tightened.

Instructions After Ordering
To ensure a proper fit, please put the required information in the measurements.

Barrel Diameter – Precise measurement at the front and 1 inch back. Can be from 12 up to 30 mm diameter

Note: Measure using quality metal (NOT plastic!!!) calipers or a micrometer to ensure a proper fit.
Don’t worry, if you do not provide measurements during checkout, we will send you an email asking for the missing information.

***ALERT*** You MUST provide measurements (metric) to two decimal places (Example 17.45 because 14.3 will not fit)
Two decimal place (Ex 15.2) measurements will be suspect, but we will machine to your measurements and add proper clearance.
Rework fee is $20 and you pay for return shipping.
No refunds on parts that don’t fit because of your measurements.

Additional Information

Watch a short video on how to use calipers

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