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1118.05-UNF-SRD: Sound Reduction Device

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Product Specification

ITEM CODE 1633.01
ITEM NAME FLC (Flip Compensating Moderator) UNF Thread Universal Silencer
Material Aircraft Grade Aluminum Machined from durable aircraft-grade aluminum for optimal weight balance and strength.
Anodized Finish Anodized black finish enhances the aesthetics of your airguns.
Adapters Available We offer adapters for both threaded and non-threaded barrels.
Compact Design Despite their size, these shrouds/moderators/silencers are engineered for exceptional performance.
Efficient Design Full-length shrouded barrel designs facilitate efficient backflow draft, contributing to quieter operation.
Durable Internals Internals have been rigorously tested to withstand up to 150 fpe.
Corrosion-Free Made from aircraft aluminum, ensuring corrosion resistance.
Length Eight inches overall.
Compatibility This Moderator is designed specifically for airguns. Contact us for further customization or if you have specific requirements.
Contact Information
Please mention Please mention Barrel Diameter while ordering.
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Product Description

FLC (Flip Compensating Moderator) UNF Thread Universal Silencer

Introducing our FLC (Flip Compensating Moderator) UNF Thread Universal Silencer, a versatile solution designed for airguns featuring 1/2 UNF (1/2 X 20) threads on their barrels. Even if your airgun barrels lack UNF threads or have non-standard threading, fret not. We provide a range of adapters for both threaded and non-threaded barrels.

Enhance your airgun shooting experience with our FLC UNF Thread Universal Silencer. Order yours today!

Additional Information

Universal Compatibility Suitable for airguns with 1/2 UNF threads.
Delivery Free Home Delivery Across India
Warning These silencers are expressly designed for airgun use only. Do not attempt to use them with firearms, as they are not suitable for such applications. Our store is dedicated exclusively to the air gunning sport, and we do not fulfill requests for firearm parts or accessories.
Wholesale Rates Contact us for special wholesale rates and bulk orders.
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