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Schmidt Couplings NSS 10.9.12 Model

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Product Specification

ITEM CODE G652.NSS10.9.12 | S360.55
ITEM NAME Schmidt Couplings NSS 10.9.12 Model
DIMENSIONS OD D120 x ID D50 x W101 x PCD 90, M12 x 3
ITEM WEIGHT Net Wt. 5.150 kg
FINISH Black Oxide Finish
HSN Code 84836090

Product Description

The NSS 10.9.12 Model of Schmidt Couplings is a specially designed coupling system that enables the connection of shafts with different centers. It utilizes a crank motion of a link to transmit motive power from one end disc to the other end disc. This unique mechanism efficiently transfers rotation speed and torque from the driving side to the driven side while minimizing friction loss in the bearing. The Schmidt Couplings NSS 10.9.12 Model provides reliable and precise power transmission for various applications.

Additional Information

COMPATIBLE WITH Where need Parallel Displacement of Shaft & NORDMECCANICA
MOQ 1 Assy
PACK OF 1 GWT 5.350 kg, Box Size: 21 x 19 x 11
EST. SHIP 1-2 Days After Payment Receipt

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