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Ball Lock Friction Ring Eco

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Product Specification

ITEM CODE 15.BL7524-6
ITEM NAME Ball Lock Friction Ring Eco
DIMENSIONS OD 3” Inch / 76mm x ID 60 x 24 mm with 6 Balls
ITEM WEIGHT 0.300 kg
HSN Code 73181900

Product Description

Introducing Techno's innovative lineup of differential winding solutions, featuring the cutting-edge technology of Torque Activated ball lock rings and Differential Friction Rings. These state-of-the-art components are designed to enhance your winding processes by eliminating core dust generation while accommodating various core materials and qualities.

Our Differential Ball Lock Rings employ a unique ball lock mechanism that ensures a secure grip on the core's inner surface while allowing controlled slipping on the hardened inner ring. This revolutionary design opens up possibilities for the use of different core materials and a wide range of core qualities in the winding process.

Available in an extensive range of diameters, from 25mm to over 300mm, these rings can be customized to suit your specific shaft diameter, making them compatible with your existing equipment. Techno maintains a comprehensive stock of the most common Friction Rings sizes in India, ensuring swift delivery throughout the country.

The 3”/76mm ring, a popular choice, offers versatility with various widths and directional options, including single or dual-directional (Uni or Bi-Directional). Our latest innovation includes the Self-centering "Spring return" Bi-Directional Ring, designed to streamline the offloading process.

Techno's Friction Rings cater to a range of applications:

- Suited for shafts up to 60mm in diameter.
- Available in widths ranging from 9mm to 49mm.
- Uni or Bi-Directional rewinding processes.
- Ideal for Cardboard, Plastic, and Metal Cores.
- Options with or without core pre-centering springs (in 1 or 2 rows).
- Spring Return self-unlocking type available.

Explore our comprehensive industrial solutions, featuring Ball Locks, Friction Air Shafts, Lug Type Air Expandable Shafts, Multi-Bladder Air Shafts, Safety Chucks, Multi-Bladder Chucks, Mechanical Shafts, Quick Locks, Bow Rollers, Ebonite Rollers, Guide Rollers, and an array of Spare Parts. Techno is your reliable partner for all your manufacturing needs.

Additional Information

PACK OF 10 Gross Wt. 3.000
PACK OF 20 Gross Wt. 6.000
PACK OF 50 Gross Wt. 15.000 Box Size 37 x 37 x 18 cm

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