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Dams for BOBST CL 1000TX Triplex Laminator

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ITEM NAME Dams for BOBST CL 1000TX Triplex Laminator

Product Description

Dams for BOBST CL 1000TX Triplex Laminator

The installation of the BOBST CL 1000TX triplex laminator at Bischof + Klein SE and Co. KG in Lengerich, Germany in late 2017 has brought significant advancements in laminating technology to their manufacturing plant. This state-of-the-art laminator is designed to deliver superior productivity and quality for the production of high-performance packaging material laminates.

The CL 1000TX triplex laminator is a high-performance machine that offers advanced features and capabilities. It allows Bischof + Klein to laminate multiple layers of materials together to create high-quality packaging materials. The triplex configuration enables the lamination of three layers, enhancing the structural integrity and functional properties of the laminates.

With the latest laminating technology provided by the CL 1000TX, Bischof + Klein can produce packaging materials that meet the demanding requirements of various industries. These laminates offer improved performance in terms of barrier properties, strength, durability, and visual appearance.

The superior productivity of the CL 1000TX allows Bischof + Klein to enhance their production efficiency and meet the growing market demands. The machine is equipped with advanced automation features, such as quick job changeovers and precise control systems, which optimize the production process and reduce downtime.

Furthermore, the CL 1000TX ensures exceptional quality in the laminates produced by Bischof + Klein. The machine's precise control over temperature, pressure, and other parameters ensures consistent bonding and high bond strength between the layers. This results in laminates with excellent product protection, stability, and overall performance.

By investing in the BOBST CL 1000TX triplex laminator, Bischof + Klein has positioned itself at the forefront of laminating technology, enabling them to offer their customers innovative and high-performance packaging solutions. The advanced features, superior productivity, and quality delivered by the machine contribute to the company's success and its ability to meet the evolving needs of the packaging industry.

Bischof + Klein Group, a family-owned company with over 125 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of packaging materials, has established itself as one of Europe's largest manufacturers in the industry. They offer a comprehensive range of services, from repro services to printed and converted products, serving both industrial and consumer packaging as well as technical films. The company has headquarters in Lengerich, Germany, and operates production facilities in Germany, France, Poland, and the UK, with a global network of sales offices.

When Bischof + Klein needed to expand their capacity to meet growing demand, they turned to BOBST for a new laminating machine. Having had a positive experience with BOBST's REGISTRON® register control system on their gravure lines, they were confident in the technical solutions and performance offered by BOBST. The CL 1000TX laminator was chosen as their first BOBST laminator.

After a year of production, Bischof + Klein is highly satisfied with the performance of the CL 1000TX laminator and credits the quality of BOBST laminating technology. The machine is designed to handle various substrates and web combinations, allowing Bischof + Klein to produce high-performance packaging solutions for industries such as food, coffee, and beverages. The line is configured to laminate the first two substrates with solvent-based adhesives using BOBST's unique flexo coating trolley, followed by solventless lamination to create three-layer laminated constructions in a single pass at high speed, ensuring consistent product quality.

The CL 1000TX offers features that align with Bischof + Klein's commitment to quality and sustainability. The drying tunnel's efficiency and ventilation system, along with the flexo coating trolley, are particularly noteworthy. The flexo coating trolley allows Bischof + Klein to coat high-performance adhesives directly on thin aluminum foil at high speeds. It enables the use of higher viscosity adhesives, resulting in lower coating weight while maintaining the same bond strength. This leads to significant savings in adhesive and solvent costs. Additionally, the drying tunnel's double technology nozzles blow air on both sides of the web, minimizing solvent retention and reducing energy costs.

The advantages of the flexo coating trolley and efficient drying tunnel contribute to the improved optical quality and visual appearance of Bischof + Klein's packaging structures. The company prides itself on developing solutions that combine optimal substrate functionality for product protection with visually appealing graphics. The BOBST flexo coating technology has proven effective in achieving outstanding optical quality, even in specialized applications such as coating with pre-colored gold adhesive.

In summary, Bischof + Klein's investment in the BOBST CL 1000TX laminator has enhanced their production capabilities, allowing them to meet increasing demand for high-performance packaging solutions. The machine's advanced features, such as the flexo coating trolley and efficient drying tunnel, align with Bischof + Klein's commitment to quality, sustainability, and delivering visually appealing packaging to their clients.

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