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Multi-Directional Ball Transfer Units for Material Handling

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Product Specification

ITEM NAME Multi-Directional Ball Transfer Units for Material Handling
DIMENSIONS OD 15 mm, Over Length 14 mm Ball Die 8 mm
BRAND Techno
Country of Origin Bharat (IN)

Product Description

Our Multi-Directional Ball Transfer Units, manufactured by Techno, are designed for efficient material handling. Crafted from POM Black Delrin, these units feature an OD of 16 mm and a ball diameter of 8 mm. They are CNC machined to ensure precision and come with a push-fit design. These units provide an excellent solution for smoothly moving loads in multiple directions, making them ideal for material handling applications.

**Ball Transfer Units Plastic 15mm**
**Ball Plungers for Precise Vacuum Positioning**

A ball plunger is a mechanical component commonly used in slide mechanisms and other applications to provide precise positioning and control. In the context of a vacuum system, it can be used to precisely control the movement and position of objects within a vacuum chamber.

Here's how a ball plunger can be used in a vacuum system for positioning:

1. **Components of a Ball Plunger:** A typical ball plunger consists of a body with a threaded or unthreaded shaft, a spring, and a ball at the end of the shaft. The spring pushes the ball outward, creating a contact point for positioning.

2. **Vacuum Compatibility:** It's crucial to select a ball plunger that is compatible with the vacuum environment. This means the materials used in the plunger should not outgas or react with the vacuum, and the plunger should maintain its functionality in a vacuum environment.

3. **Mounting and Positioning:** Install the ball plunger at the desired location within the vacuum chamber. It can be mounted on a bracket or fixture. When the plunger's ball contacts an object, it provides precise positioning control due to the spring's resistance.

4. **Adjustability:** Depending on the specific application and requirements, you may need to adjust the plunger's position. Most ball plungers come with adjustable mechanisms to set the extension length or force applied.

5. **Sensors and Control:** In advanced applications, sensors can be added to the ball plunger setup to provide feedback on the position. This feedback can be used to control the positioning automatically, ensuring high precision.

6. **Maintenance:** Regular maintenance and cleaning may be required to ensure the smooth operation of the ball plunger within the vacuum environment.

Keep in mind that when operating in a vacuum, you'll need to consider factors such as thermal expansion and contraction, as well as the potential for contamination or wear due to the absence of air. Selecting the right materials and components that are compatible with vacuum conditions is essential for the successful operation of your positioning system.


Here at Bearingboys, we offer a broad range of ball transfer units, including light, medium, and heavy-duty options. Available in either chrome or stainless steel, ball transfer units ensure loads can be moved smoothly and with minimal effort in multiple directions. They are typically used face up so that goods may be moved across them, but are also used face-down in some circumstances. We offer a number of different types of fitting, including push fit, flange mounted, Saturn type, and internal thread options. Choose the most appropriate type at the relevant tolerance, and we can then also offer a product to fit your price range.

Additional Information

Uses Material Handling
MOQ 1000

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